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Convertible Vinyl SoftTop Care Kit for all colors

CABRIODOC Vinyl Express Clean + Protect System

Vinyl Cleaner-Concentrate 50 ml + sponge
Sufficient for up-to 3 applications (2-seater)

Vinyl Proofer-Lotion 100 ml (silicone-free) glossy + sponge
Sufficient for up-to 3 applications (2-seater)

Vinyl Proofer is only for outside applications.
Do not use Vinyl Proofer for Vinyls inside the car!

Cleaner + Protectant are not suitable for fabric SoftTops!

To determine your SoftTop is made of fabric or vinyl, just make the SoftTop water test. Apply some drops of water on your SoftTop. Try to rub the water into the material. If it starts to soak in, it should be fabric. If it sits on the top and does not soak in, it should be vinyl.

Do NOT apply Cleaner-Concentrate on painted surfaces!

Test Cleaner-Concentrate on an inconspicuous area for color fastness!

Do not apply the products in direct sunlight or on hot days! Processing temperature
15-30 °C (59-86 °F)!

Do not clean partial area! Clean and proof the complete SoftTop!

Cleaning and protecting must be carried out in clean environment. Clean means without pollen, spurs or other pollutions in the air. Incapsulating these substances by the protectant can cause a fungal attack. Fungal attack is bad on health!

Do not use dirty water or rain water! Avoid to use a high-pressure cleaner! If there is no other possibility, use it with distance of approx. 1 m (3-4 foot) or reduce pressure.


Pre-wash SoftTop with a lot of clear water. If possible use warm water for better cleaning results.

Apply some drops of the cleaner concentrate on the humidified sponge. The sponge should not be totally wet! Use sponge with applied cleaner and rub it carefully with circular motions until it gets milky. Leave the cleaner on for short time to remove strong pollution or repeat the treatment. Cleaner can be used for SoftTop and plastic rear window.

Wash SoftTop with a lot of clean water until the cleaner is removed.

Cleaned SoftTop must be fully dried in a clean environment before you apply the proofer.

Apply a small quantity of the vinyl-proofer-lotion on the dry sponge and rub it from the center outwards onto the SoftTop. If needed, wipe off too much applied proofer with a soft cloth.

Wipe off any dribbles on the paintwork or the glass with a humidified sponge with cleaner concentrate and wipe it dry with a soft cloth.

The proofer must dry completeIy in a clean environment before you use the car in the rain. Drying time about 1-2 hours. If needed make a final polish with a soft cloth.