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Convertible SoftTop Vinyl Rear Window Care Kit  

CABRIODOC Plastic Window Polish Care System

Vinyl-Cleaner-Concentrate 50 ml + sponge. Sufficient for about 50 sqm of SoftTop

Plastic-Window-Polish 50 ml + sponge. Sufficient for about 5 sqm of rear windows

Polishing and cleaning of plastic rear windows. Fits all and brands.

Polishing paste removes light scratches and cloudiness from the plastic window surface. But it can not repair internal yellowing defects of the plastic. The cleaning concentrate removes all kind of dirt, like leaf gum and glue from SoftTops and plastic rear windows. Small rips, cuts and cracks on the plastic rear window can be repaired with CABRIODOC Liquid Vinyl


Do not apply the products in direct sunlight or on hot days!

Caution! Do NOT apply Cleaner-Concentrate on painted surfaces!

Test on an inconspicuous area for color fastness!

Pre-wash rear window with a lot of clear water. If possible use warm water for better cleaning results.

Dry the window with a soft cloth. Apply polish in small quantities on the sponge. Polish small areas with circular motions. Do not polish with dry paste. Wipe of with a humidified soft cloth. Do not apply polish on fabric SoftTop.

Apply some drops of the cleaner concentrate on the humidified sponge. The sponge should not be totaly wet! Use sponge with applied cleaner and rub it carefully with circular motions until it gets milky. Leave the cleaner on for short time to remove strong pollution or repeat the treatment. Wipe of the cleaner with humidified sponge and rub it dry with a soft cloth.