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CABRIODOC Germany | Convertible Soft Top Repair System  
Convertible Fabric SoftTop Repair without patches or glue  

CABRIODOC Liquid Vinyl SoftTop Repair System

Tube 10 ml (~ 0.34 fl oz) sufficing for 25 cm (~ 10 in) long cut / seam 

Processing temperature 15-30 °C (59-86 °F)!

Liquid Vinyl Black or Universal Transparent Mat:
DIY repair of all brand convertible car and boat SoftTops made of vinyl soft plastic (PVC) or cloth, fabric, canvas, mohair. Universal transparent mat for all colors. The original color shines through and makes the color effect.

Liquid Vinyl is also available in dark blue and dark brown to fit Sonnenland® fabric SoftTops.
Sonnenland® is the original factory fabric used by Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Porsche convertibles.

Not suitable for: glass windows, rubber, hard-plastic, hard vinyl, metal and genuine leather!

Permanent repair of tears, rips, punctures, cuts, cracks and gaps without using patches, glue or adhesive films.

Liquid Vinyl makes a durable and flexible connection with the original material. It is not a generic glue, cement glue or a solvent-synthetic resin adhesive product. It uses a unique formula without interfering substances like resin or silicone.

Liquid Vinyl is medium viscous and can be applied on sloping areas.

After a cure time of 12 hours it is like the original material resistant to water, alcohol, most solvents, fuels, oil, saltwater, UV curing and for temperatures of -40 to +120 °C (-40 to +248 °F).


Clean and dry the hole soft top. Do not clean partial area. Do NOT use common household cleaning products like: car shampoo, solvent based cleaners,  acetone, paint thinners, gasoline (petrol) or bleaching agents. Use CABRIODOC Fabric-Cleaner-Concentrate or mild cleaner-soap for fabric tops.  For vinyl tops use CABRIODOC Vinyl-Cleaner-Concentrate or iso-propanol. Adhesives and sealants from prior trial repairs must be entirely removed! Liquid vinyl does not bond on proofed or protected fabric / canvas / mohair. Liquid Vinyl bonds only on clean genuine surfaces.

Do not apply Liquid Vinyl on wet SoftTop!

Do not touch or treat Liquid Vinyl until it is fully cured!

It is not possible to apply a graining on Liquid Vinyl!

Avoid excessive air movement or humidity!

Apply Liquid Vinyl directly to the repair area allowing an extra 3-5 mm (~0.11 to 0.19 in) around the damaged area with a hight of 1-2 mm (~ 0.04 to 0.08 in). Liquid vinyl shrinks about 80% after curing.

Wide cracks should be covered on the backside with paper masking tape. Otherwise Liquid Vinyl can drip through. Do not use plastic tapes. Plastic tape will bond on Liquid Vinyl. Long and wide cracks can be pulled together step by step with masking tape. Apply Liquid Vinyl to the untaped areas and let it cure 6 hours. Remove tape and apply additional Liquid Vinyl to these areas to finish repair. You can also sew up the crack and embed the thread. If you have no access to the backside of your SoftTop, use a very slim piece of paper masking tape to cover the hole and embed the tape. Liquid vinyl can be applied in several layers wet-on-wet or fully cured.

Liquid Vinyl is touch dry in 3-6 hours and fully cured in 10-12 hours.

Processing temperature 15-30 °C (59-86 °F). Store in dry rooms at temperature 0-30 °C (32-86 °F).